Destination Guide - Spain

Spain – A land of great food, sporting superstars, wild parties and amazing weather! Given its multiple autonomous regions, variations of culture and tradition are found around every corner.




Spain is a popular destination year round due to its pleasant weather - the winter months average around 15°c whilst summers can hit as high as 35°c!

Keep in mind that weather also depends on the region you are in, The northern regions are cool and humid, with an average annual temperature of 14° C, the central plateau is cold in the winter (around 8° C) and hot in the summer (average 23°C), whilst  Andalucía and the Levante have been known to reach as high as 40° C in the shade!



Sights & Activities

The best things to do will change with each region, so make sure you know what you want from your break before you book!

Spain is an excellent choice for City Breaks. Madrid is a city that really knows how to live, while boasting some of the world’s most esteemed museums such as the national archaeological museum. The city is legendary for its nightlife and the locals are welcoming encouraging all to take part in their celebrations.

If you want to experience a little taste of everything, we’d recommend Malvarrosa in Valencia as there’s wonderful beaches, plenty to do and close to the city.





Wine and tapas are usually top of the list when it comes to the Spanish menu. Tapas is a great way to sample many dishes and suits a dinner for two, but there’s much more than meets the eye when it comes to the country’s food:


Paella – Nothing quite compares to true Spanish paella. Local ingredients - fresh peppers, chargrilled chicken and prawns the size of your thumb! This traditional rice dish is a must have in Spain.




Gambas al ajillo – Or better known in English as garlic prawns. Prawns fried in garlic and olive oil, if you’re feeling extra adventurous squirt on some lemon juice for added zing! A simple dish with a world of flavour.



Patatas bravas – A staple dish of Spanish tapas. Fried potato chunks, spices, sauces and other flavouring vary dependant on the region. Some will add garlic, tomato sauce, sweet and spicy sauce or a dash of fino sherry.



Tortilla Espanol - Spanish omelette! In essence this dish is just a potato infused omelette. The added potatoes make this dish bulkier and more filling. For an extra kick, add in some chorizo or vegetables.



Pulp a la gallega – For those that want to try something a little more unique to their tapas order. Deep fried octopus flavoured with paprika, salt and olive oil. A unique and flavourful dish for the seafood fanatic.




Here’s what you can expect to pay throughout your travels in Spain on a mid-range budget:

Accommodation per night - £45

Meals for the day (restaurants) - £25

Public transport tickets - £1

Long distance trains (City to city) - £65




Spanish is also the second most spoken language in the world so these phrases could come in handy in a number of countries.


¡Hola! (Oh-la) – Hello

Por favour (Por fa-vor) – Please

Gracias (Gra-see-as) – Thank you

¿Habla inglés? (Ab-la in-glaze) – Do you speak English?

Disculpe (Dis-kuh-pay) – Excuse me



Interesting facts

  • The oldest restaurant in the world can be found in Madrid dating back to 1725!
  • There is a festival every year called ‘La Tomatina’ where people have a giant food fight using purely tomatoes.
  • Spain has over 8000 beaches!


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