The USA is a vast country with 50 states all offering something unique.  Whether you’re looking to experience a relaxing tropical holiday, snow filled adventure, or the wonders of its incredible National Parks, there’s something for everyone. It’s also a perfect destination for scenic drives, delicious food, cosmopolitan city life, wilderness, cultural diversity, beautiful beaches, and so much more.

The overall climate in the United States of America (USA) is temperate, with notable exceptions. Alaska has an Arctic tundra climate, while Hawaii and South Florida have a tropical climate. The Great Plains are dry, flat and grassy, turning into an arid desert in the far West.
In terms of temperatures and precipitation, there are very large differences throughout the country. The northwest is wet, the southeast fairly wet and the central part of America is dry. What is the best travel time? That all depends on where you want to go and what do you want to do on your holiday? You can actually travel to America all year round, but the weather will depend on what part of the USA you are visiting.  So, it’s always best to do your research before booking.

How much will you spend? In reality, this kind of question is much like asking ‘how long is a piece of string?’ because the answer really is – it depends. If you want to rock luxury hotels and fine dining, your budget is naturally going to be a little different to someone looking for budget eats and motel stays.
In addition, prices vary depending on location, with major cities like San Francisco and New York always being the expensive options. You can find great value in the USA – but it pays off to research the state you are visiting to find what outlets, hotels and eateries offer the best value. Attractions often are cheaper if pre-booked – speak with your travel specialist for help and guidance with enhancing your trip and ways to save money where possible to be able to spend more of the things you love to do on holiday! 
The cost of accommodation is significant for any traveller exploring the USA, especially in the cities, but wherever you travel, you’re almost certain to find a good-quality, reasonably priced motel or hotel. If you’re prepared to pay a little extra, wonderful historic hotels and lodges can offer truly memorable experiences.
Typical prices are as follows:
1 Night in a Basic Room: £25+
1 Night in a Double Room: £30 - £90
1 Night in a Luxury Room - £100+ 
The general rule for tipping in a restaurant is 15 to 20 per cent on top of the bill (before sales tax) is standard, with 25 per cent given for top notch service. Servers in America work hard for the money – they're generally friendly, knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile for customers. 
If you don't tip, nothing will happen. The restaurant is required by law to offset an employee's wages if they don't get enough tips to make minimum wage. That said if you are a regular and make a habit of not tipping, don't expect great service your next visit.
If you flag down a taxi in the US, just know that the driver will expect a tip by the end of the trip. Tipping a taxi driver is usually 10% of the fare or rounded up.
The USA is not all fast food. Every state offers its own specialities, and regional cuisines are distinctive and delicious. In addition, international food turns up regularly – not only in the big cities but also in more unexpected places. 

In the big cities, you can pretty much eat whatever you want, whenever you want, thanks to the ubiquity of restaurants, 24-hour diners, and bars and street carts selling food well into the night. Also, along all the highways and on virtually every town’s main street, restaurants, fast-food joints and cafés try to outdo one another with bargains and special offers. Whatever you eat and wherever you eat, service is usually prompt, friendly and attentive. 

No matter what time of day and where you are you will never be too far from a delicious place to eat and drink.
Apple Pie (Americans love pies and know how to bake them!) Some that are popular are key lime, pecan, apple, sweet potato, pumpkin, and strawberry rhubarb. You have got to try at least one!
Steaks and meat products are very popular with lots of choice, huge portions and sold across the US at affordable prices meaning you can dine and have what you love for less. 

Typical charges are as follows:
Budget Meal: £4-6
Restaurant Meal: £10-15
Luxury Restaurant Meal: £30+ 

As you'd expect, the vast majority of people in the United States speak English (about 300 million), which makes it the country's de facto (in practice, not in law) official language. Despite this, there's quite a few differences between British and American English. Here are ten slang phrases you may or may not be familiar with - take a guess what they may mean before looking them up!
1. For the birds

2. Put up your dukes
3. Bought the farm
4. Jonesing
5. Shoot the breeze
6. John Hancock
7. Monday morning quarterback(ing)
8. Going Dutch
9. Taking a rain check
10. Pass the buck

Top attractions and places to visit

  • The Deep South- Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans & The home of Elvis
  • Las Vegas & The Grand Canyon 
  • The shop and the flop of NYC coupled with one of the 14 New York beaches. 
  • The Theme parks of Florida or California 
  • San Francisco the Golden Gate Bridge and the famous Alcatraz
  • Immersive Ranch holidays in Texas, California, Colorado
  • The national parks of Yosemite, Yellow stone and so many more reached by convertible mustang and live the US driving dream.
  • The Beaches & the stunning Florida Keys if you are a white sand and sunshine lover!
  • The shopping, outlets and malls are a must – grab yourself some brilliant bargains. 
  • World-class skiing, wild west towns and some of the quietest slopes around – there are lots of reasons to ski in the USA. Resorts in Colorado sit at high altitude, so there’s lots of light powder.

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Resort Fees
Many hotels are now charging mandatory ‘resort fees’ that can cost as much as $45 per room per night. These fees include all kinds of items and privileges, ranging from local telephone calls to internet access to the coffee maker in your room. Parking may or may not be included in this daily resort fee.
A great tool to check your resort fees at each hotel you are due to stay at is